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Drone Aerial Photography
Drone Aerial Photography
and Filming

We offer bespoke drone aerial photography and filming. We use the latest in drone technology and can deploy different units, with differing capabilities to, give you the very best product possible. All our units are professionally gimbal stabilised, for a smooth, flawless flow of footage that is second to none.
As well as having a fleet of different drones, all shooting at a minimum of 4K which offers unparalleled quality, the camera units and lenses are also interchangeable, so we can create further varieties of effects and meet your requirements terms of style and content. 

Drone Aerial Photography
Ground Filming / Photography

Our ground based systems are also stabilised using gimbal technology, which can be hand held or deployed on a variety of mounts - enabling us to get the exact shot required, which means we can provide the same quality, either in the air or on the ground. Our ground filming is in always in full high definition giving you the best quality footage possible. Still imagery can be taken from this film, providing you with high quality photographs as well as video footage. We also offer classic photography services. Our cameras offer a 16MP max resolution, with various interchangeable lenses - equating to excellent still image capability. For the more adventurous shots we also have in our possession several Go-Pros which can be mounted almost anywhere (including underwater!)

Drone Aerial Photography
Time-Lapse Video

We’ve all seen the beautiful and impressive videos shown on the popular BBC nature programmes of a flower blooming; we can now combine state of the art “time-lapse” equipment with one of the latest trends in photography to capture footage of your venue being set up, your guests arriving or whatever you choose. Check out our wedding video to see how beautiful this technique can be.

Drone Aerial Photography
360 Video & Photography

 Our 360-degree camera technology can be used on the ground or mounted onto one of our drones. As well as taking static images with a max resolution of 25.9MP, they also have the capabilities of taking full HD video.

360' is a great way to truly engage with your customers, market a location or show an event in an exciting and unique way.

It can be utilised to showcase an entire site, or simply a single room, via still imagery or video footage.

Ideal for business promotion, weddings & events, mapping, estate agents and much more.

Drone Aerial Photography
Live Video Streaming

We all know how hard it is when friends and family are unable to make it to your special day. We can provide Live Video Streaming in full HD, enabling your loved ones to watch your ceremony or any part of your event, regardless of where they are geographically. We will stream your event, live on the internet, at a bespoke, secure web address, your loved ones can log in from anywhere in the world and watch in real-time as your special moment unfolds in glorious high definition quality. 

Drone Aerial Photography
Aerial Mapping & Surveying

Traditional forms of mapping and surveying are costly and time consuming. Using drone aerial photography is not only be more economical, but can be quickly adapted to suit the environment they are operating in. We offer our mapping and surveying services to a variety of users from land mapping to turbine inspections. As well as our standard services, we can also offer more specialist requirements such as infra-red and area measurement and even have units that can land on and film underwater.

Drone Aerial Photography
Aerial Commercial Filming

Using our knowledge and expertise we can advise you on the best type of film and techniques for your needs to create the perfect video, giving your business a modern and unique marketing platform enabling you to stand out in a crowd. We can utilise a vast range of equipment such aerial imaging, Go-Pros, 360 cameras and ground based cameras. We also offer complete packages for ongoing promotion.