Your big day will be filled with many moments and memories. You’ll want to treasure every one. How better to keep those moments fresh than aerial photography and filming? State of the art drones will give your wedding photography and video the best that technology has to offer. With Ultra High Def 4K images and videos, your memories will be as fresh as the day you made them.
Here’s a few tips to enhance it further.


1. Safety first


Make sure your drone pilot knows the business. A pilot should be qualified and confident with drone regulations. Your venue will need to be away from certain locations: national parks, airports, power plants or military bases.


2. Trust and confidence


Ask to see their work both professional and personal. Do you like what is created? Can the drone pilot create the images that you want? A wedding is a day of romance and love and aerial footage can capture these magic moments.


3. Capturing the moment


Whilst the couple are the stars, the guests play an important role in the event. Aerial photography goes beyond the traditional static group photo to create stylish images both moving and still of guests interacting. By experimenting with aerial images, a skilled drone pilot can make unique group photographs.


4. Aerial photography is special


Drone photography is not inexpensive but it is worth it. It will make your big day truly memorable and incomparable. Video and photography packages are well worth exploring, add this remarkable aspect to your wedding.