If you had fun at your party, wedding or any other event, you might want to revisit the memory later on, and what better way than watching a video of it?

Matter of fact, scratch that – there IS a better way via aerial filming.

Using drones to capture your events from the air gives you a unique experience of what happened and can only enrich your beloved memories. If you use the service professionally, you can even create the coolest promotional video for your next event.

Not that you need any additional reasons to book aerial filming for your events, but here are some anyway.


Different point of view


It would normally be tricky to have footage of your event from above, but with aerial photography and filming it’s effortless. You can enjoy the perspective from the air, directly overhead – or slightly lower, from a diagonal point of view. Aerial surveys make the best promotional videos regardless of your profession or preferences.


Wider picture


Aerial filming gives you a rare shot of the entire event or at least a wider area of it. Imagine the opening of your video, the picture starting with the whole crowd and then descending slowly to focus on individual segments. It’s like a movie of your own party that comes in the shape of these video and photography packages.


Latest technology


When you book aerial filming, you pay for the cutting-edge equipment that will give you the best possible images of your event from impressive angles. The service also comes with professional cutting, so what you get in the end is a form of art in HD resolution.


Space-efficient solution


Remember how annoying it was previously to constantly bump into the wedding photographer and videographer with their hefty equipment? Not to mention that the camera demanded a considerable area for setting-up and that it was impossible to keep someone’s back out of the shot. With aerial filming, this is a thing of the past.