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Shield Media Services provides aerial and ground photography or filming using the latest state of the art equipment, offering broadcast standard video work as well as excellent still images. We can deploy in both land-based and marine environments and offer our services to both local and international companies, private clients and businesses anywhere in the uk.


Shield Media Services offer bespoke aerial and ground photography or filming for a range of clients in a myriad of sectors. Shield are a leader in drone based UAV aerial media. Our photography and filming services capture, previously unattainable, stunning imagery in ultra high def, now with up to amazing 4k quality.



These highly manoeuvrable advanced remote controlled aircraft are known as UAV's, Multicopters or Drones. Each unit has different capabilities, making them suitable for a range of tasks and enabling us to deploy the correct unit for any situation.

Being unable to film from a drone, during the wind and the rain, is a problem no more!!!
The HEX H20 is a multirotor fully waterproof drone capable of landing, filming and taking off from the water. Sitting at surface level with a 90’ camera tilt the drone is capable of taking images and video straight down under the water up to horizon level, then taking off continuing to film offering seamless video.

The HEX H20, is fully equipped using a stabilised gimbal mounted camera, meaning we can capture 4K video and up to 12MP images.

Post edit enables us to offer the video in super wide format or standard format adding to the capabilities of the drone.

The drone is also equipped with a quick release system, carrying payloads up to 2Kg then releasing them wherever you desire.

Made from epoxy composite and equipped with DJI E600 motors and 14” props, the HEX H20 truly is a durable, capable workhorse, capable of filming almost anywhere in almost any conditions!

In addition to the above, our HEX H2O, has a large hull and extendable legs, allowing additional equipment to be fitted to the underside i.e. Lighting to be able to see even further in darker conditions on the water.

Believed to be the first of its kind in the South West, this durable drone is more than capable of taking the video/images you have always desired, but have been unable to capture due to the fragility of its predecessors.

Check out our demo video, for a brief example of what can be achieved.



Our aerial photography and filming operators include British Airways pilots who offer exceptional drone flying skills as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the safe and accurate usage of these modern machines. All pilots are fully trained and licensed. They are from a myriad of backgrounds with most having several years’ experience as cameramen, still photographers and drone operators. Our pilots video work has included television documentaries for the BBC, ITV and Sky.

Our aerial photography and filming operators have travelled the world covering the Winter Olympics and other sports including skiing and snowboarding, surfing competitions in the USA and Bali, England cricket Test Matches, as well as the One Day Internationals and T20 competitions.

Our pilots have all passed the industry required, full Civil Aviation Authority skills and knowledge tests and, together they offer a fully professional, skilful and, above all, reliable drone and photography service.


Kayleigh Redgwell

"We would highly recommend them....they are amazing....cant thank you enough" 

Eleanor Browne

"When I set out to plan a massive charity fundraising challenge, I wanted a high quality video with impact to increase the fundraising potential and leave me with a fantastic memento of the event. Shield Media Services were highly professional in their approach to the complex logistics and planning, and very easy to work with. The video is incredible, it's delivered everything I hoped for and more! Thank you Shield Media Services!"

Gareth Benyon, Eyecandy Photography

"100% professional and extremely talented" 

Rachael Woods 

"I don't actually know where to start with thanking this company!
Firstly the video we received of our wedding was absolutely stunning and so emotional to watch.
I asked for a few things to be added which was no issue at all. If you are even just thinking about using them for your wedding I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.
It is well worth the investment and something we will treasure forever"